Hey there…:)

You have made it to the ‘ABOUT’ page. You must be wondering why am I hungry. Allow me to answer the obvious question that brought you here in the first place. I have realized that eating is quintessentially the reason for me to rise and shine, and earn. I am a banker for 9 hours, mom for 24/7, but most importantly, a foodie every other hour. I am lover of constant conversations and trying out new flavors. In a nutshell, I’m all about gorging on scrumptious food found under the sun and capturing those lovely -occasionally ‘dangerous’ and free calorie – moments as I go .

I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit, and all of my best memories from them revolve around food. That time I spent savoring street food from  Malaysia , The famous fish and chips combo while in London, Enjoying my evening walk hogging on churros through Bryant Park in NYC. And starving on a banana ‘cause room service was unavailable while in Paris`. 

But nothing compares to the culinary variety available in our lovely city of Dubai or as I like to call it, the ‘Las Vegas of the Middle East’. Between skydiving, shopping at the world’s largest mall, watching the Dubai fountain show beneath the tallest shiniest building in the world, dune bashing in the dessert safari and fine dining, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

Through this blog, I want to share my experience of forking around in Dubai. What is obvious to some, but unknown to many others is how to navigate through the food scene in this city. While everyone has their own versions of the BEST shawarma joints in the place, we’ve all been clueless at times on the great places to take our friends and family; and that’s where I come in.

My posts shall take you through the bustling alleys and the chic sidewalks I’ve been to with honest reviews on not just the food but also the people, the ambiance and the price (yes, the price too.. it’s the side effect to being Indian 😛 )  to help you on your culinary adventures in Dubai.

So without further ado, I shall meet you at the table.

okay, bye!


Chronicles Of A Food Junkie…