Premium Biriyani  – Hot biriyani delivered to your door


Hearing my tagline itself, you must have understood right – Premium Biryani is focused purely on delivering customer experience through its one and only product “Biryani”, nothing more, nothing less..!!! Team at PB are extremely responsible in providing a premium quality product to their customers. 100% fresh meat, garden fresh ingredients with enough content and hygienic packaging is their promise.


Fresh meat and premium grain rice partially cooked separately before bringing them together, allowing the rice to get fully cooked with the meat and it’s juicy extract in a traditional dum for a stunning flavourful and aromatic biryani !


I got it delivered to my office, in both variants available- chicken and mutton biriyani. They have options in rice also , like premium grain rice or premium long long rice .For the matter of fact, there was no much difference in both rice and absolutely loved both their flavours . Being a hardcore meat fan ,I had more of mutton biriyani and the meat was marinated well and very soft and tender, absolutely my kind of biriyani.With medium spices and the perfect aroma, the whole floor of my department got the chance to taste one mouthful each and made sure that , Premium biriyani will be the one , which will be served for our future parties at office. Their content  was abundant and can be easily shared among two.


The best thing is Premium Biriyani preferred the competitive markets for their delivery of food –like Talabat, Spoonfed and Zomato , which is a plus point  Delivery was quick and the food came hot! I really recommend you getting your Biryani needs and wants sorted at Premium Biryani and trust me, you won’t be disappointed for sure🤗

Plan the next event and leave the food part to premium Biriyan  for some homely flavourful biriyani.



  • Serves 1: 25AED
  • Serves 4: 90AED
  • Serves 8: 175AED


  • Serves 1: 30AED
  • Serves 4: 110AED
  • Serves 8: 210AED

You can choose between Premium Grain Rice (Small Grain) or Premium Long Rice (Long Grain)


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