Aapa Kadai  – Lets have a delightful meal..:)

What is it, which comes to your mind, when you hear appam and stew .For me, for past two months, its aapa kadai…I was in a impression that ma mom makes the best appam, but appa kadai proved me wrong and hence I started ditching my mom’s Friday breakfast’s just to have Aapa kadai’s breakfast.(I hope my mom doesn’t see this)


Appam and Stew , Ah… it’s yet another time to go hopping for food. Being a proud keralite, I’m very much honoured to admit Appam as our traditional breakfast dish.

Since ages kerala has been home to some of the most exquisite flavours inspired by different people. One such dish is the stew which was tradionally inspired by the catholic reign British empire in the 18th century.

A flavour brought out by the Catholics from ‘catholic central’ kottayam, and what a tang it has turned out to be. The chicken stew has shredded chicken in a slightly thick corn flavour base with veggies to top it off, and with the authentic kerala appam (fermented rice batter); together they form an irresistible combination


Moving onto our experience in the dinner at appa kadai,


Entering the restaurant we saw a small crowd, some enjoying this delight and others waiting to get their hands on this. Greeting us with a warm smile we were escorted to our table. After ordering their specialty,which was mutton midnight biriyani ,both plain and cheese appam, bulls eye appam and chicken kheema appam and for the gravy we ordered chicken stew and chicken chettinad curry( It was tough time for me to opt 2-3 dishes, since majority of dishes were  tempting me to order) I had a chat with my buds about the ambiance of the restaurant and we also checked out a couple of people indulging themselves in this delight. When the order arrived I could hardly control my appetite and jumped right onto hogging.


Plain /cheese appam – the appam was slightly sweet and had a mouthwatering aroma, with cheese drizzled all over.

Bulls eye appam – After having the same from appa kadai, it has become the regular breakfast dish for my daughter . Perfect for kids and easy to make kinda dish and you can have even without a side dish. Still relish the taste of it.

 Chicken Kheema Appam – The appam was delectably soft on the inside along with  kheema and lacy on the outside just like they have described on their menu. The stew had shredded chicken that was extremely soft and literally melted in my mouth, and I realized that this was the best appam and stew that I have ever had.


Mutton Midnight Biriyani – One of the best biriyani, I had in a while. Packed with very unique flavour and I’m still having the caramalised onion flavour in my mouth. Tender pieces of lamb in  rice , was cooked so well with all those enticing spices, it was a real treat tucking into this Biryani as well and I’m sure meat lovers would adore this special miriyani.


Chicken chettinadu curry – This  gravy was a complete stand out for me, it went so well with the appam. A mild spicy yet well crafted maincourse that will make you lick ur fingers dry. And  was creamy as ever and a must order .


King Fish Fry – We want to have some sort of fry dish along with our main course and hence ordered the king fish fry. But this dish didn’t satisfy our expectation. Seems like fish was not marinated well . any ways told the staff to take care in the future.

Hogging all the variety appams and their speciality biriyany ,I bid adieu to them with a smile and a happy tummy. Do try and let me know, your experience as well.

Aappa Kadai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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