Sharjah’s Best Burger takeaway –ASTORIA BURGER

If we were solely  given the rating based on value for money, then Astoria burger, would get full marks.This little cute eatery is more focusing on take away concept and hence the seating capacity is less than 15 pacs. I know, it might just be a glorified fast food cheese burger , but where Astoria’s shines is, in its gamey patties with specialized cheetos fillings, soft buns, sticky cheese and generous slathering of sauces, then I should give a 4 out of 5.Don’t you guys think so..?

What we ordered,

Appetizers –

Dynamite shrimps

Dynamite shrimps – I normally start describing with the best dishes which I had .So you can assume now, what I like the best .Dynamite shrimp , was one of the best, I had in a while .It was hot and crispy and not to mention delicious too when dipped into the tangy and pinky mayonnaise sauce.


Mozarella stick cheese – May be I had it, when it was cold and hence the cheese was not  gooey enough.A fine starter, but a forgettable one.

Astoria fries – Its more like a calorie food, without the guilt anywhere near .Give me fries in any form or shape, I’m gonna like it .So don’t really go with my opinion – opt yourself.

Mains : Oh yeah, we ordered all the variety of burgers available in the menu. That’s the plus point ,when foodies meet , where we all can share one bite of all the burgers, interesting right?

So here goes the options of burgers –grilled chicken burger, chicken bbq burger, and the last but not the least mushroom burger .

chicken cheetos burger

Chicken Astoria burger –  My order was definitely this one , since  I always try to order the restaurant’s exclusive dish  . The butter bun was pillow soft, deep fried chicken patty was juicy with chicken and cheese sauce.The name justified 100 percent and  absolutely delicious..Loved it


Chicken bbq burger : I’m not a great fan of bbq sauce , and hence I’m reluctant to order anything with bbq sauce, but chicken bbq burger from Astoria proves me wrong.Served with same butter bun , and deep fried chicken marinated with bbq sauce covered with lettuce, jalepeno, red bell pepper and specialised Astoria sauce gives the dish a classy burger taste.


Chicken cheetos burger : Who all loves cheetos ? Then instead of raising your hand please head to Astoria burger right away, since you will get the best cheetos burger in town .This colourful burger tempts to try for sure . Bun and patty remains the same, with their special cheetos and cheese sauce and with crunchy cheetos . Need I say any more..:)

Grilled chicken burger – It was a very normal burger , but with a healthy grilled patty served with their special sauces served in butter bun.

Mushroom Burger  : You must be wondering, whether Astoria serves only chicken patty? Its just that I’m a chicken kinda person .But yeah , there mushroom burger (don’t think it as veggie burger –Astoria doesn’t serves veggies I guess ) , which serves with grilled beef patty sandwiched as  mushrooms sliced with melted cheese  progressed with the buttered bread toast is a calorific dish. But who care’s when you are already in a fast food outlet, especially if it’s in Astoria burger .Just go for it, and thank me later.

Drinks/Milkshakes : Red berries mojito, Passion strawberry and lotus milkshake


Lotus milkshake : Boy….Lotus milkshake, nailed it. We were kinda quite full and hence we ordered at the end, that too just one for all six of us , which ended up in fighting for the lotus milkshake . It was silky, creamy and tasty and confidently calorific .We all loved it.


Passion strawberry : I’m always in for anything with passion fruit.But I guess the combination of passion fruit and strawberry was not going well along with each other.

Red berries mojito : This was a really refreshing thirst quencher , even though I’m not a big fan of mojito’s .

WHERE: ASTORIA BURGER, Dubai Islamic Bank Street, Behind Blood Bank, University City, Sharjah


PRICE RANGE: AED 80 for two (approximately)

Valet parking: No

RESERVATIONS: Not required


Wifi: No

Shisha: NO

Verdict : So if you are craving for some authentic  burgers with an emphasis of  classy American with local touch, then a meal here needs to be on your list.

***Ratings follow this  scale and take into consideration of food, atmosphere, service, value and type of restaurant

Chronicles of a Food Junkie….!!!

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