This 21st generation is in the midst of a floral revolution. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, given other events, but over the past several years, flower arrangements have become wilder, stranger and stronger , incorporating all manner of seasonal flora plucked from the woods, the garden, the roadside and the vegetable patch.

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Big deal, you think. Well, it is. Allow me to explain, WHY FLOWERS SHOULD BE A CONSTANT VISITOR IN YOUR LIFE…Though you don’t need a reason to introduce flowers into your life but if you are looking for the perfect time where you can feel the flower power in a unique way, here is not just one but five situations when you can experience the magic and power of flowers.  Scroll down to see what flowers can do!

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The most essential role of flowers in our life is conveyance of emotions. There are some specific emotions and meaning, which have been attached to special type of colour of flowers. Whether one has to express love, happiness, gratefulness or even grief, planet earth is gifted itself with  various type of flower for altering emotion.  The dainty and delicate flowers have awesome hidden magical powers to vanish even the heaviest of negativities into thin air.  The colourful blooms and green stems can cast a ‘feel-good’ spell over you. Their mild fragrance creates soothing vibe and engulfs the environment without overpowering the original decor.

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Can turn frowns upside down!

Is your special someone angry with you? Or have you forgot a special date? Have you done something that was a cause of annoyance for your family members? Mend up! And what better way to say that ‘you are sorry’ than the colourful bunch? Pick roses or exotic tulips to express your feelings.  If you or somebody in your circle is recovering from an illness, flowers are the perfect idea to cheer them up.

icrecream flowerrs

Can make any moment a memorable one!

Got a promotion? Want to spend a quiet evening with your loved one? Going to see your friend after a long time? We suggest, you take flowers with you. These cheerful little fellows can magically transform the routine moments into romantic ones and the romantic times into magical ones! So, you now know how to pep up and perk up those times!  Combine flowers with branded and imported chocolates to put a special emphasis on your feelings!

rose flowers

Can make you relax and happy!

Everybody faces a bad hair day. Everybody has to struggle with bad vibes and sometime, bad situations that can affect your mood and  personality adversely. At such times, flowers can prove to be your best friend, which are there with you to help you stay strong and calm. Ask your assistant to get you flowers daily or better, book flowers online to get super-saver discounts and get best quality flowers delivered at your doorsteps.

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Can give you power to handle your PowerPoint presentations

While flowers cannot take your work pressure away or share it but they certainly can give you energy and positivity to handle it. As you feel lightheaded and cheerful, you can tackle work stress in a better and easy way, without being overbearing or irritated with the work load.

Never tuu-lip to get some blooms

Can make you feel strong

We can learn a lot from flowers. Flowers teach you to keep your head high even in the most adverse conditions. Stick to your true colours even when there is no one appreciating you.  Stay true to your roots but keep your head high,  up in the sky. Every little and new flower twig is the sign of victory in its own, and like this, you should celebrate your accomplishment, be it small or big and not frantically lose yourself in the chaos.

Flowers will guide you, no worries

While there are many researches and studies to support the information I have posted here, what I  share here comes from my experience. Trust flowers for helping you with a positive and cheerful approach and trust www.abetterflorist.com for timely doorstep delivery of fresh blooms and gifts across UAE and Singapore .

Cut-to-order, ships in a day. And there you go, fresher and better flowers , actually no –  I must say  best florists in town..:)

If you’re a florist, designer, event planner,  other small business owner, or just another bloom lover , then follow @betterflorist  and in facebook for some daily inspirational pictures, which makes your day pleasant . Hope you can tune in !

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