Tableya – A delightful eatery for the gourmet foodie..!


A marriage of Arab and Indian has not been so evident than in the newly opened restaurant at Business Bay. Tableya, is the not an up and coming brand in the ever expanding fusion food, but it is somewhat which shows off as who is already arrived in the top echelon of the gastronomy world.


The ambience is splendid, psychedelic and powerful, great colors to compliment and some to contract, both to give the customer a great emersion experience in to the world of molecular mastery. While they feed the world with food and fun with an elevated sense of respect, they don’t fail to feed the equally important social media fix in way of making the place friendly for selfies or groupies, they got all angles covered. The smoking section and nonsmoking sections are well demarcated with strong visual presence on sides, definitely taking us back in time and setting on this amazing journey.

Enter the Gastro world as defined by Tableya.



Huge screens were definetely a plus point ( U dont have to worry about your next cheering session for your favourite team )


We ordered some drinks to start of the trailblazer, which were virgin mojito, blue sky and lemon mint.


The drinks came in cool made to use glasses which was in varied sizes and shapes all elegantly emitting the colors of the drinks, they taste was refreshing and had a zest, these definitely opened our pores in the gullible subjection to what was yet to come.


To please our hungry minions we went on a ordering spree which consisted of a Lamb boti Chettinad – which was so succulent and tender and gave out great flavours and the ingredient mix was apt for this great dish.


We added the Marina beach fried fish, for many outsiders who think twice of ordering fish in such a great place, don’t think twice, we ordered and we genuinely cleaned the bones on this one, excellent.


We ordered the Lamb shank shuwa, which came highly recommended by the gentle staff who served us and was  always donned with a  smile.  Usually the size of the shank disappoints me and I was curious to see the size of the meat and I was pleased to see quite a large size of Shank to come in a bed of white rice which mixed berry pilaf and this was just hitting home. The flavours were sensational and the meat was well so well done, it just melts in your mouth releasing the aromatic sensation into your senses.



Many restaurants in Dubai/ UAE are great had have some niche in the food they offer, but we see more often than none is the standard of presentations. Restaurant spends more time and effort in building the food profiles and the ambience but many forget to hone in a bit more on the way the food is presented.


Tableya is an exception; they have carefully thought and have incorporated food presentation  as a key driver and a bed rock that shoots for the stars for the brand. Molecular gastronomy of a high pedestal and enabling the food lovers of Dubai for elevated food experiences.


My only rankle was, no actually two , is that all our food came in black plates, would have liked them to come in a varied colors ,it  could have made the food a bit more defined and contract.And yeah, I felt the service level also a little  low, compared to the hype of the restaurant.

In continuation of our gastro journey we ordered two desserts named ‘Citrus Garden’ and ‘Who spilled my coffee’


Citrus garden-the highlight of our meal as our favorite sweets(gulab jamun,rasgulla, rabdi) were made to taste citrusy and fruity with flavors such as passion fruit, orange, lemon! The presentation just looked like a piece of art ..Highly recommended!


Who spilled my coffee’ – This dessert literally carries off the name, pretty well , like humans are biologically built to spill coffee mode .Taste wise it was just average.

Over all, the night we spent at Tabley, will not be forgotten. The experience such as this is etched in good memories. It was a night of food pleasure and great friends over the table and tableya was the great place to unwind. I would highly recommend of you want to immerse in gastro delight and you will not be disappointed. The best part is , they are accepting  entertainer vouchers  as well.

Then what are you waiting for ..?

Try this place and let me know your thoughts too.

WHERE:TABLEYA,  BB10, Podium Floor, Access From Visitors Life D, Bay Square,Business Bay, Dubai

CUISINE      :     Indian, Middle eastern, Mediterranian
SERVING TIME : 12 Noon to 4 PM, 6 PM to 12 Midnight

PRICE RANGE: AED 150 for two (approximately)

VOUCHERS : Available in Entertainer Vouchers

Valet parking: Amble Car parking available
RESERVATIONS: Not required, but if you require a table of 10 and above, better to have reservation

Wifi: Available

Shisha: YES

***Ratings follow this scale and take into consideration of food, atmosphere, service, value and type of restaurant

Chronicles of a Food Junkie….!!!

Tableya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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