BLUE SAPPHIRE CHINESE RESTAURANT -You Gotta love it if you love Indo -Chinese

IMG_2233Blue sapphire restaurant is an Chinese restaurant with generously spiced Indo Chinese food influenced by the culture of Kolkata .Its located in Jumeira lake towers , in the lake level, overlooking the lake. We happened to reach there around 7 pm, and the place looks blissfully peace .Amble car parking is also available in JLT cluster , which is a plus point for this eatery .

Blue Sapphire do have an indoor and outdoor seating .Outdoor seating area itself consists of around five tables , which makes a seating capacity of 20 pac and seems like a perfect spot for small parties overlooking the lake .Indoor area is also vast with fusion chinese interiors with blue lighting on focus.My friend took the initiative to order the food, since she is great fan of Chinese food . We were lucky enough to meet the man behind ‘Blue Sapphire Restaurant –Mr.Vasu , who was an energetic man, and was excitedly describing the story behind the existence of ‘Blue Sapphire . It seems that , he has opened the eatery especially for his mom, who loves Chinese food the most, but doesn’t eat from outside .So this restaurant was basically a home made –kinda kitchen , and our confidence level doubled to try the food,  hearing the same .

Corn and chicken soup

By the time we were done with chatting with Mr.Vasu , our food started coming in one by one.

First in our table was sweet corn soup with chicken . It was a nice hot bowl of Sweet Corn Soup with  creamy goodness along with crushed and whole sweet corn which comes together with juicy vegetables flakes  and chicken  chunks and the portion was enough for both of us.

Bhel – Fried noodles

The next starter in our table was a bhel with a Mexican twist to this Chinese dish .it was very crunchy and the flavour and spiceness was aptly given to it which we totally loved it

Crispy Spinach Chicken

Whenever I’m in any Chinese restaurant, the first thing I will searching the menu is for crispy spinach chicken /Prawn, since that’s my favourite Chinese dish .Blue sapphire didn’t fail to impress us with their crispy spinach chicken , and we wiped off our plates within a few seconds

Chicken Kung Pao

Since we were already half full, we limited our main course to Chicken Kung Pao (diced chicken cooked with red chilli celery in honey spice sauce with peanuts )Usually I ask the colour of the dish, just to guess the sauce they adding to the dish, since I don’t prefer oyster sauce in my dishes.( Yes, I know it’s a little too much to ask , especially for Chinese dishes) but they guaranteed me that its not the normal oyster sauce and this is something special called honey spice sauce and we were assured that we will be liking it. To our surprise we really liked the combination of chicken kung pao along with vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice

And the last dish , but not the least was the blue sapphire chicken noodles. I fell in love with this dish at the smell and flavour of it itself. Thin rice noodles in a spicy, pungent and creamy broth may sound weird and crazy, but there is so much harmony and depth of flavor in this dish that you’ll keep on sipping and slurping until the very last drop.


Coming to the dessert part , was a little disappoint though .May be because we were full enough or our taste buds were not accepting the sugary flavour after all those yummy savoury flavour . The dessert which we had was ‘ Daarsan with Icecream , which was thick noodle stir fried with honey sesame seed and we end up having only the icecream out of it.


Stir fried Noodles with sesame seeds and icecream scoop
Flat Lay:)



PRICE RANGE: AED 145 for two (approximately)

Valet parking: NO,  but have ample  car parking in JLT cluster

RESERVATIONS: Not required


Wifi: Available

Shisha: NO

BOTTOM LINE: It’s a simple yet casual dining . We were impressed with the service and food was excellent with each bite delicious .The food  served was also great in terms of portion

***Ratings follow this  scale and take into consideration of food, atmosphere, service, value and type of restaurant

Chronicles of a Food Junkie….!!!

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