At last , after a much awaited time, we ended up at this lovely and eye catching casual restaurant named PRAX’S at Brasha Heights  for our chitter –chatter cum fooding which is a  freestyle noodling session . Prax’s is a unique Chinese & Thai restaurant that allows their customers to customize their dish according to their tastes and preferences. They also conveniently serve their food in take-out boxes, ( I was pretty impressed, since most of the time , I parcel the left over’s ) so it’s ready for take away in case the customer wasn’t able to finish it. Their new branch in Barsha Heights was pretty easy to locate too , a big thanks to google map though. I simply loved this place….for 3 things namely…food,ambience and service. What more does one ask for. .?

For starters we went with Chicken Sui Mai, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Tom Yum Soup. The Chicken Sui Mai was moist, soft and delicious and went very well with the chilli and soy sauce that were served alongside.


The Chicken Tom Yum soup was delectable and had a unique flavour, which I did not liking though, but it tasted good and quantity is also wholesome . However, the vegetable spring rolls were definitely our favourite and were consumed within the first few minutes of being served.



For the main course we had the option to either ‘Go Freestyle’ and create our own combo or choose from the menu. My friend opted for freestyling and indulge to create her  own combo for which we were each given a clip board to customize our dish and choose the different ingredients that would go into it. For the first combo we chose soba noodles as the base, chicken as the protein, with chilli basil  sauce, topped with cherry tomatoes, mixed pepper, corn and garnished with coriander.


The second main was an easy to order, green curry chicken  soaked in jasmine rice flavoured with  mushrooms, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, coriander and I absolutely recommend it



For dessert we decided to try both the Date & Caramel pudding and the Coconut & Ginger pudding. We weren’t so sure about the combinations at first but once we tried it we thought the two desserts were absolutely delicious and were a delight with every bite. The date and caramel pudding was definitely our favourite out of the two. These puddings were just the perfect way to end a heavy and satisfying meal. Highly recommended for all dessert lovers!


The only drawback which I could say, is that they were having less option for drinks  and the available thirst quenchers were some soft drinks and water. Since I have absolutely banned soft drinks from my system, for good reason and hence  totally relied on water for the day , which was OK too…:):):)



SERVING TIME : 11 am to 12 midnight

PRICE RANGE: AED 110 for two (approximately)

Valet parking: NO,  but have ample free car parking in front of the building

GLUTEN-FREE: Some dishes
RESERVATIONS: Not required


Wifi: Available

Shisha: NO

BOTTOM LINE: True to its concept, the PRAX’s  free-style food with ready to go packing is must try and  unique . Pretty  impressed with the service and the eatery  had a great positive vibe with their colour schemes .The food was excellent with each bite delicious . Obviously, The food is also portion controlled so you can definitely depend on them to be consistent

***Ratings follow this scale and take into consideration of food, atmosphere, service, value and type of restaurant

Chronicles of a Food Junkie….!!!

Prax's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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