So here, I take you through my first restaurant review which has finally made it to the blog (since I’m extremely lazy and reaching up to here was a herculean task for me, with due credits going to my crazy sissy)

Now, before I digress further, let me introduce you to the star of today’s piece. The Downtown Café, in Karama is a family owned and operated establishment. I’d mentally earmarked this cute little eatery for quite some time now and on ( mention the date) I FINALLY had the chance to get there for an early dinner with my family at around 6.30 pm.  Since the restaurant is in heart of Karama (yes, I can see those eyeballs rolling!) I was a little concerned about the parking, but thankfully we were able to find a good spot without much hassle thanks to the huge parking area in front of the restaurant. The café, has a contemporary interior with pleasing dim lighting, quite a large seating capacity and a chic, relaxing ambience.

Now that I’m done bragging about how wonderful the place looked, lets dive straight into the food.
For starters, we ordered crunchy shrimp cocktail. Lamb chops, Chicken Portobello and Chicken Penne Pasta for the main course with OMA and Mint-Lime juice for drinks.

1. The Crunchy Shrimp Cocktail is an absolutely befitting name for this concoction. The Shrimp was really crunchy with (most likely its deep fried with some sexy sauces) . Oddly my taste buds couldn’t figure out anything else apart from the mocktail flavor


2. Lamb chops was NOT that tantalizing as I had expected. They were chewy with the usual flavors one would expect.


  1. The Chicken Portobello was definitely the show stealer, juicy chunk of chicken with creamy mushroom sauce. It was simply, GASTRIC HEAVEN!

4. The Chicken pasta ( ordered just in case we needed a familiar backup) served its purpose quite well.


At the end of the day, with our bellies full, the experience was definitely a delightful one as for a full dinner at a reasonable price served by great people.  Cheers to the team…will definitely come back to try other dishes @downtowncafe



Chronicles of a Food Junkie…!!!

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